Is It Friday Already?

One presentation down! I wouldn’t say it was well done though. Oh wells, it’s only 5%.

Headed for JP to try our luck for the $1.00 Fish & Co meal, but as expected, the redemption limit has been reached. Clara and I wandered around trying to find somewhere that falls within my budget, and finally settled for Pepper Lunch in the atas food court. Pepper Lunch is such a hassle- I was kept so busy flipping my beef slices, making sure they were not burnt; adding the sauce and stirring the rice and beef together so that the flavour would immerse into the rice and beef while the hot plate was still at 260°C. Made me wonder why on earth was I paying to cook my own food? That’s why I am not a fan of BBQs and steamboats- I don’t like waiting for my food to be cooked. Nevertheless, I was quite a good cook today! (: Yum yum! Then, we had Pepper Lunch’s matcha ice cream, which was simply vanilla ice cream topped with matcha powder- akin to Macdonald’s.

Casting aside our original intention to study, we decided to head for the movies. But girls being girls, we totally forgot about our intention to check out movie timings, and immersed ourselves in the world of clothes. We each got ourselves a black dress (the same one in fact!), and Clara got me a polka dotted dress for my birthday ( i know it’s kinda early but yeah.. )! Totally love it! Thank you my darling! *hugs* (:

Oh, will someone please remind us that our exams are not yet over?


“Anal Girl” (500 Days of Summer)

It sure feels good to receive compliments about something you have taken pride in doing, doesn’t it? At least you know that the extra time and effort you have put in have not gone un-noticed, unappreciated.

I’m a total perfectionist, and extremely anal about spacings, font sizes, font types, colour combinations, when CAPITAL LETTERS or small letters should be used, and the list goes on. Whenever I see something out of place- however minute it is, I will have an uncontrollable itch to correct it. Sometimes, I wish I were less anal because so much time spent on correcting such inconsequential incongruences could be put into better use. Is there a cure for such analism?

Green Tea Obsession

We just can’t get enough of green tea stuff!

After buying ToriQ lunch takeaways, Clara (yes, you see your name here again) and I just couldn’t resist walking by the Japanese titbits store at JP without getting the green tea chocolate with crisp that we have been eyeing on since Thursday. So, both of us shared a box (contains 12 individual tiny packs), which is still on discount at $4.00 (usual price is $5.50). The green tea taste is quite strong, but the crisps are no longer crunchy- looking at the expiry date (04/2010), we figured out why it was no longer cripsy and why it was $1.50 cheaper. There is really a price to pay for quality. But it was still nice- so nice that we finished all 12 within an hour!

Green Tea Kit Kat is still the unbeatable winner! That was really awesome to the max!! Green tea lovers, please get a pack at the Jap store while stocks last! It was out of stock the last time we went. Costs about $3.50 per pack with 4 sticks.

Next up: Meiji Green Tea Chocolates!


If you are so observant to have noticed, I’ve added a new page- Handmades at the top right hand corner of the page! Handmades is where I will display and of course, sell the pieces (mainly accessories) that I have made! I’ve just updated with a new piece (Midnight Blue) that Clara and I have come up with yesterday- do take a look and support me! (:

Have a great week ahead!

Arnott’s Lemon Crisp

This is really something to rave about! It’s not just any lemon puffs, it’s Arnott’s Lemon Crisp! The nicely salted biscuits go so well with the slab of sweet tangy lemon that I can pop four in my mouth at one go (mind you, this is already with self-constraint)!! Can be found in Fairprice for $3.70/ $3.90 (can’t remember). I can foresee the 2 packets that my parents just stocked up from their weekly grocery shopping trip disappearing within 2 days!

Batam Here We Come!

In exactly a week’s time…

we would be enjoying our night’s stay at Holiday Inn Batam, celebrating our 3rd anniversary! For avid massage lovers like us- a Holiday Inn SPA package would be the most befitting to rejuvenate and ready ourselves for the upcoming exams! We have decided Holiday Inn over Harris although it is pricier, all in the name of a new and better experience. It had better be worth the price!

Good Friday was the day I finally plucked my courage to experiment with digital perming at Monsoon Storm, after nine years of rebonding- I first did it because I entered NYGH a year before they decided do away with the senseless short hair rule. After 5 long hours in the salon, it was revelation time. Around me, the hairstylists commented it was sexy; but in my head, I thought otherwise. It was NOT sexay. It was a disaster. I really didn’t know whether to pat myself in the back for my bravery to try something that I have always wanted to, or to smack myself in the face for allowing myself to do what I just did. I headed as fast as possible to the bus interchange, hoping that I wouldn’t run into anyone- they probably wouldn’t have recognised me anyway.

After our satisfying dinner at NYNY (their steaks are quite good) with Louis’s 1-for-1 main course voucher that coincidentally expired on that day, we headed home to catch 500 Days of Summer over mini tubs of Haagen Dazs. Once again, I dozed off halfway through. (What’s new?) The only thing about the show that stuck in my head was the beauty of Summer- I love everything about her- her hair, her eyes, and her smile! Melts every guy’s heart!

After my hour long nap, I stood before the mirror in exasperation, trying out different hairdos so that the curls wouldn’t be too conspicuous for school. Thank goodness for the invention of a rubber band, I finally got a genuine “quite nice” from the voice in my head, and from Louis.

Two days with my newly permed hair, I am slowly starting to accept it, to get used to it, and to like it. So, if you are shocked when you first catch me with my new hair, I can totally understand. (:

Sidenote: Yew Tee Point’s food court has really nice sliced fish soup! That stall has the longest queue, even longer than the famous Yu Kee duck rice stall.

I finally used my SU options on 3 out of 4 electives! So, I can almost officially declare holidays after 22nd April! ((:

The Pagestoppers

As its chic name suggests- The Pagestoppers is the place where you can find exquisite-looking Shepherd’s Hook Bookmarks. Whether it’s for yours to keep, or as an elegant gift, they are too pretty to give it a miss! Customisations- from the colour of the shepherd’s hook and beads to the type of charm- are also offered here to cater to every girl’s whims and fancies.

I especially love the Heart of Charisma from the Summer Splash collection. The exquisitely carved flower on the gold tone mini locket and the tiny pearl sitting daintily in the heart are enough to melt my heart! Open the locket, and you can stick on a pretty picture, which will look so oh so lovely with the  gold tone heart frame!

The ongoing promotions include:

1. A special debut collection giveaway (shepherd’s hook bookmark with a floral locket) for the first person who tweets/ facebooks/ blogs about ThePagestoppers!

2. The 1st buyer of each month will win a freebie! So, hurry down to get one for yourself!

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