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Holiday Inn Batam

Holiday Inn Batam is just a minute drive from the ferry terminal. We were pleasantly welcomed by a clean and classy sight as we stepped into the lobby. Service was excellent- check in procedures were swiftly done and we were ushered right into our 1 bedroom suite. Unlike Scarlet, the introduction to our suite was brief and concise, and didn’t manage to annoy me.

Beautiful pool view from our suite from the sixth storey! The white slide is quite fun (when you slide down it the first time)!

Pillow menu consisting of feather, sinthetic, dacron and foam pillows. We had the former 2 in our room already, and ordered in the latter 2 just to test out the differences between the 4 types of pillows!

The 60 mins aromatherapy massage that was included in the package was insufficient to satisfy us; it left us craving for more! We just had to pamper ourselves with another 90 mins stone massage (using heated basalt stones) on the next day. We have always wanted to try out heated stones massage, and there we go! I enjoyed the experience of a mix of hands and heated basalt stones because the stones can soothe tension at places where hands cannot. But Louis prefers a wholly hand massage- because he is heat-intolerant.

Their outdoor jacuzzi which we experienced at night- and was much prettier than in the day.

Food at Holiday Inn was nothing to rave about. Well, with the exception of their warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream- check out that hidden treasure oozing out… ORGASMIC. (I’m secretly glad that Louis doesn’t have a tooth as sweet as mine- that means nearly everything was devoured by yours truly!)

Total expenses charged to our room: 1.7 *GASPS* MILLION rupiahs. (Includes a lunch at their terrace, in-room dinner, and two 90 mins stone massage)

Total cost  in SING DOLLARS: 320 (package)+40 (charges at Harbourfront Center)+12 (charges at Batam Waterfront Ferry Terminal) +269 (extra room charges)= SGD641

Okay, enough of Batam for us!

My intangible surprise from Louis ♥


Dreamlike Weekend

It felt like a dream. (:

Now, back to reality.

Updating after I’m done with everything to be due tomorrow!

Now and Forever

First time we heard this song together was in your car on 8th April 2007.

In the blink of an eye, it’s the 8th April again- 3 years later.

Looking back at the past 3 years… How we got ourselves twirled into a whirlwind romance, and how this romance very slowly- though sometimes not so surely, unfolded itself into something called love leaves me quite amazed.

(This song that we just sang in the car 2 hours ago..)

“Every little thing that you do
I’m so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I’m amazed by you”

Je t’aime, my good man.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to the both of us! (:

Batam Here We Come!

In exactly a week’s time…

we would be enjoying our night’s stay at Holiday Inn Batam, celebrating our 3rd anniversary! For avid massage lovers like us- a Holiday Inn SPA package would be the most befitting to rejuvenate and ready ourselves for the upcoming exams! We have decided Holiday Inn over Harris although it is pricier, all in the name of a new and better experience. It had better be worth the price!

Good Friday was the day I finally plucked my courage to experiment with digital perming at Monsoon Storm, after nine years of rebonding- I first did it because I entered NYGH a year before they decided do away with the senseless short hair rule. After 5 long hours in the salon, it was revelation time. Around me, the hairstylists commented it was sexy; but in my head, I thought otherwise. It was NOT sexay. It was a disaster. I really didn’t know whether to pat myself in the back for my bravery to try something that I have always wanted to, or to smack myself in the face for allowing myself to do what I just did. I headed as fast as possible to the bus interchange, hoping that I wouldn’t run into anyone- they probably wouldn’t have recognised me anyway.

After our satisfying dinner at NYNY (their steaks are quite good) with Louis’s 1-for-1 main course voucher that coincidentally expired on that day, we headed home to catch 500 Days of Summer over mini tubs of Haagen Dazs. Once again, I dozed off halfway through. (What’s new?) The only thing about the show that stuck in my head was the beauty of Summer- I love everything about her- her hair, her eyes, and her smile! Melts every guy’s heart!

After my hour long nap, I stood before the mirror in exasperation, trying out different hairdos so that the curls wouldn’t be too conspicuous for school. Thank goodness for the invention of a rubber band, I finally got a genuine “quite nice” from the voice in my head, and from Louis.

Two days with my newly permed hair, I am slowly starting to accept it, to get used to it, and to like it. So, if you are shocked when you first catch me with my new hair, I can totally understand. (:

Sidenote: Yew Tee Point’s food court has really nice sliced fish soup! That stall has the longest queue, even longer than the famous Yu Kee duck rice stall.

I finally used my SU options on 3 out of 4 electives! So, I can almost officially declare holidays after 22nd April! ((:


I was in a real foul mood today- I think the stinkiest mood you have ever seen me in. It’s a combination of the weather, the crazy load of shit I have to juggle (of course, I know I’m not alone), and the uncontrollable hormones. Yet, you tolerated it all. You tried to maintain a conversation with me, but all you got were nods and “mm”. So, you placed an arm around me, and we walked home in hot silence. I probably broke the world record of the number of doorbell rings per minute this afternoon as we waited for someone to get the door. You probably watched on in shock. As I waited in the comforts of my air-conditioned room, you got me iced cold water to quench my thirst and smother that fire in me. My mum watched on and shook her head. It made me smile, and chuckle a little.

Sleep and you are good for the fiery dragon. And so is a night swim.

I received a call today, asking if I would like to start work on 24 May, and I readily agreed. The person on the other line sounded real happy- so happy that it felt like I was the first person who got “conned”. HAHA. But nah, I honestly don’t see it that way. I WANT to start work early. 3 weeks of rest is sufficient for me, any longer and my bones become lazy. I was intending to get a vacation job anyway- now I don’t have to waste time on a job hunt. And of course, at least one more month of pay as compared to my peers!  I need to clear my debts.


Once you have tasted the best, you will not settle for second best. Hotel stays have been a tradition for our anniversaries, but this year, we have decided to break the tradition. Why so?

Firstly, our first hotel stay was at glitzy Ritz-Carlton and that was by far the best- the next two that came along (Fullerton and Scarlet- a pricey boutique hotel in case you haven’t heard of it) fell short of expectations. To be fair to Fullerton- if not for the “first mover advantage” of Ritz- our stay at Fullerton was very comfortable and memorable. However, Scarlet was a total letdown.

Secondly, we are unwilling to pay more than $400 for an experience that claims to beat Ritz (perhaps St. Regis?); neither are we willing to fork out a sum less than what we paid for Ritz for an experience that will not meet our expectations. We have decided to treat ourselves to a spa package, or perhaps head down to Batam (Harris Resort) again for a holistic pamper!

Thirdly, there is nothing much to do at a hotel- other than watch some DVDs, enjoy the hotels’ amenities, toast to our drinks purchased from nearby hypermarts, snuggle in their awesomely comfy beds, get into pillow fights, and indulge ourselves with the complementary breakfast buffets/ lunch or dinner sets. (Now, this sounds like a whole load of things to do.) But really, do it once, twice, thrice- the magic is gone. But for couples/ close groups of friends who are looking for a place for a celebratory occasion and have yet to try a local hotel stay, my advice is choose the best and indulge in the experience. There are affordable promotional packages like weekend getaways deals throughout the year.

Here’s a breakdown of our local hotel experiences to date:

Ritz-Carlton Millenia- simply remarkable service! Extremely well-deserving of their many ‘best hotels’ awards. After a 34-months lapse, I can still vividly recall some pertinent incidents that exemplified their impeccable service. Louis had prepared a surprise for me that required a computer and internet access, so we went down to their business center, where they have per hour usage charges- we had no problems with that; but to our pleasant surprise, they waived the charges as we had only clocked up 10-15 mins of internet usage. The gym was a totally refreshing experience- they personally served us iced water with hints of lemon and pristine white towels. As for the room, it was spacious and fabulous- one outstanding point was the bathtub overlooking a magnificient view.

The Fullerton Hotel-  another award winning hotel which lives up to its name! On Louis’s request, they had prepared a box of delightful chocolates and card specially for me. The gym was not as impressive as Ritz’s- the area was smaller, and they didn’t have personalized services. The room was almost as good as Ritz, except for the bathtub, which doesn’t overlook any paranomic view (at least for our room). I would say that the in-room 4 course dinner was the most unforgettable of the entire stay because it was my first experience, and it was amazing how they managed to bring in a foldable dining table and set it all up like what you see in a proper restaurant, complete with flowers!

The Scarlet Hotel- a 5-star boutique hotel in Chinatown. Before reservation, we read reviews about it being very unique, cosy and romantic- and we thought it would be a good change from the usual airy hotel rooms. True enough, the walkways were squeezy (or cosy), the room was tiny (or cosy), the bathroom had no bathtubs to speak of. But to make up for it, the service was good- with the staff accompanying us all the way to our room, and patiently introducing each and every amenity in the room (though I was dying for him to stop talking). Oh and they even have an umbrella in the wardrobe- how thoughtful of them! There was also a plate of complementary chocolate coated strawberries and a card for us to wish us a happy anniversary.

All the 3 hotels were roughly in the range of S$350-400, my recommendation definitely goes to Ritz-Carlton for its impeccable service!

Oh Sweet Love