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Final group presentation was a BLAST! We will we will rock you BOOMZ! Rock you BOOMZ!

One interesting takeaway from class today- “Free advice is often the most expensive advice.”

Went to Pizza Hut for lunch today because I wanted to try their warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. It was a letdown- the molten chocolate was definitely not in such generous amounts as shown in their menu. Their Curry Zazzle Baked Rice is worth the try though!

You think you know how to react when things happen; but when things really happen, it is a different story altogether. Perhaps there should be a plan, as well as mock exercises to familiarise with the plan.


“Anal Girl” (500 Days of Summer)

It sure feels good to receive compliments about something you have taken pride in doing, doesn’t it? At least you know that the extra time and effort you have put in have not gone un-noticed, unappreciated.

I’m a total perfectionist, and extremely anal about spacings, font sizes, font types, colour combinations, when CAPITAL LETTERS or small letters should be used, and the list goes on. Whenever I see something out of place- however minute it is, I will have an uncontrollable itch to correct it. Sometimes, I wish I were less anal because so much time spent on correcting such inconsequential incongruences could be put into better use. Is there a cure for such analism?


Within 3 months of 2010, I have rammed my head at the back (3/01/10) and in the front (25/03/10); it is quite like a yin-yang thing isn’t it? Which means my head should be free of any further mishaps, unless I decide to knock my head on the left/ right. Now, I’ve got a bruise on my nose bridge; thankfully, it isn’t obvious to the naked eye. So, how on earth did it happen? Well, it was 6am in the morning, and I bent down really swiftly to turn my table lamp’s switch on- but who would have guessed that there was the air purifier stand in the way! (Actually, I would have known. It has been there since forever. But who would have thought of it at 6am in the morning?) And you know that unique feeling when your nose gets hit- that warm tingling feeling and that weird drip feeling through your nostrils and down your mouth? It was intensified a hundred times. The aftermath dizziness of  the violent face-on with that damn thing made me decide it would be a wise choice to miss school and rest at home. Thanks for all your concern dear friends! No broken nose. When will I ever learn to be more aware of my surroundings?

To my relief, Pop and Jazz was smooth today- I didn’t know jamming as a band would be this hard. As compared to playing your instrument solo, playing as a band requires tight coordination, which increases the difficulty level several times. Luckily, I have lovely bandmates who have been really patient in guiding me!

I almost forgot how good KFC fried chicken (crispy); cheese fries with cheese, mayo and chilli sauce (it has been a tradition to mix all the sauces since JC days); and coleslaw taste. Louis and I finally had the KFC craving together today, and it was really satisfying! Then, going against all plans we had, we spent a lazy night today napping and watching HIMYM.

You know that person is your best friend when he/she knows you are in a jolly good mood or a foul bad mood without you saying a thing.


Five weeks and one day- sorry, but what does e-x-a-m-i-n-a-t-i-o-n mean?

Meanwhile, I’ve got these barriers to overcome before I can successfully graduate:

Three-o-one project. Three-o-one presentation. Three-one-one ethical reasoning essay. Three-one-one cesim presentation. Two voice production presentations. One-o-nine lab report. Pop and jazz performance. Three examinations.

These three gross strings of workload to accomplish in three-six days. From experience, these thirty six days would fly past before I even have time to realise.

Surprise gift from Louis last night! (:

Three hours before I get to savour three-course delights at Forlino! (:

Sunday School

No more bread!

At 21:58:55, we bode farewell to BreadTalk.

It was literally LAST MINUTE- the deadline being 22:00:00.

What a thrilling way to end the last semester.

It has been great fun watching how you guys 自相残杀!