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Last night, I dreamt that we still have Arnotts Lemon Crisp at home. It was definitely because before I went to bed, my sister was telling me that our supply of that awesome biscuits has been entirely consumed.

Several nights ago, I dreamt that my parents bought me a new chair. That probably reflects my need for a new chair- there were supposedly 4 screws supporting the seat padding; before today, there were still 2 screws on. Today, 2 more screws dropped off. I almost toppled off my chair several times today.

One of my most memorable dreams has got to be the one in the washroom. And well, you know what happened next.

There was also this particular dream that I dreamt several times. I was in the yard looking down from my house, and I saw a few chinese deities like Goddess of Mercy- the rest, I don’t know their names. I wonder what significance has it got.

A dream diary is good to keep by your bedside. But in my whole lifetime, I doubt it would even be half-filled because I’m not someone who dreams everyday- or it’s more like I don’t remember them.

Some dream that they can fly. Others dream of 4 numbers. Do you have any weird or interesting dreams to share?


Batam Here We Come!

In exactly a week’s time…

we would be enjoying our night’s stay at Holiday Inn Batam, celebrating our 3rd anniversary! For avid massage lovers like us- a Holiday Inn SPA package would be the most befitting to rejuvenate and ready ourselves for the upcoming exams! We have decided Holiday Inn over Harris although it is pricier, all in the name of a new and better experience. It had better be worth the price!

Good Friday was the day I finally plucked my courage to experiment with digital perming at Monsoon Storm, after nine years of rebonding- I first did it because I entered NYGH a year before they decided do away with the senseless short hair rule. After 5 long hours in the salon, it was revelation time. Around me, the hairstylists commented it was sexy; but in my head, I thought otherwise. It was NOT sexay. It was a disaster. I really didn’t know whether to pat myself in the back for my bravery to try something that I have always wanted to, or to smack myself in the face for allowing myself to do what I just did. I headed as fast as possible to the bus interchange, hoping that I wouldn’t run into anyone- they probably wouldn’t have recognised me anyway.

After our satisfying dinner at NYNY (their steaks are quite good) with Louis’s 1-for-1 main course voucher that coincidentally expired on that day, we headed home to catch 500 Days of Summer over mini tubs of Haagen Dazs. Once again, I dozed off halfway through. (What’s new?) The only thing about the show that stuck in my head was the beauty of Summer- I love everything about her- her hair, her eyes, and her smile! Melts every guy’s heart!

After my hour long nap, I stood before the mirror in exasperation, trying out different hairdos so that the curls wouldn’t be too conspicuous for school. Thank goodness for the invention of a rubber band, I finally got a genuine “quite nice” from the voice in my head, and from Louis.

Two days with my newly permed hair, I am slowly starting to accept it, to get used to it, and to like it. So, if you are shocked when you first catch me with my new hair, I can totally understand. (:

Sidenote: Yew Tee Point’s food court has really nice sliced fish soup! That stall has the longest queue, even longer than the famous Yu Kee duck rice stall.

I finally used my SU options on 3 out of 4 electives! So, I can almost officially declare holidays after 22nd April! ((:


I was in a real foul mood today- I think the stinkiest mood you have ever seen me in. It’s a combination of the weather, the crazy load of shit I have to juggle (of course, I know I’m not alone), and the uncontrollable hormones. Yet, you tolerated it all. You tried to maintain a conversation with me, but all you got were nods and “mm”. So, you placed an arm around me, and we walked home in hot silence. I probably broke the world record of the number of doorbell rings per minute this afternoon as we waited for someone to get the door. You probably watched on in shock. As I waited in the comforts of my air-conditioned room, you got me iced cold water to quench my thirst and smother that fire in me. My mum watched on and shook her head. It made me smile, and chuckle a little.

Sleep and you are good for the fiery dragon. And so is a night swim.

I received a call today, asking if I would like to start work on 24 May, and I readily agreed. The person on the other line sounded real happy- so happy that it felt like I was the first person who got “conned”. HAHA. But nah, I honestly don’t see it that way. I WANT to start work early. 3 weeks of rest is sufficient for me, any longer and my bones become lazy. I was intending to get a vacation job anyway- now I don’t have to waste time on a job hunt. And of course, at least one more month of pay as compared to my peers!  I need to clear my debts.


Give me a grossly tangled-up necklace and a Diesel miniature perfume gift- I will pick and had unthinkingly picked the former. I’m quite nerdy after all. It took me nearly an hour to untangle Lover’s 2-layered 6-chained necklace, but the satisfaction derived from overcoming that mind, fingers and eyes-boggling puzzle was immensely gratifying. You may think I’m patient- like what my mum thought when I assembled my sister’s 1,000 pieces jigsaw puzzle (her birthday present) when I was 11, all by myself. But hell no, I would rather walk if I don’t see the bus waiting for me at the bus stop (with the assumption that the walking distance can be covered within 15 minutes). I just can’t stand questions/ puzzles/ problems hanging in the air- I just have to have them fixed! (Just like how I googled about Nokia E63’s volume adjustment as soon as I got my hands on my lappie because Lover briefly mentioned to me that she doesn’t know why the volume of her music player can’t be adjusted.) Curiosity and determination drives me, not patience.

Mystery solved! The next interesting thing was to check out the Diesel perfume for me! Cool packaging, but not my style. The fragrance is okay- still prefer Gucci Envy Me! Nevertheless, THANKS LOVER! (: I’ll use it when I’m in the biker’s mood.

Then it was back to books.

Oh, Starbucks no longer sells hazelnut choc muffins! 😦


Within 3 months of 2010, I have rammed my head at the back (3/01/10) and in the front (25/03/10); it is quite like a yin-yang thing isn’t it? Which means my head should be free of any further mishaps, unless I decide to knock my head on the left/ right. Now, I’ve got a bruise on my nose bridge; thankfully, it isn’t obvious to the naked eye. So, how on earth did it happen? Well, it was 6am in the morning, and I bent down really swiftly to turn my table lamp’s switch on- but who would have guessed that there was the air purifier stand in the way! (Actually, I would have known. It has been there since forever. But who would have thought of it at 6am in the morning?) And you know that unique feeling when your nose gets hit- that warm tingling feeling and that weird drip feeling through your nostrils and down your mouth? It was intensified a hundred times. The aftermath dizziness of  the violent face-on with that damn thing made me decide it would be a wise choice to miss school and rest at home. Thanks for all your concern dear friends! No broken nose. When will I ever learn to be more aware of my surroundings?

To my relief, Pop and Jazz was smooth today- I didn’t know jamming as a band would be this hard. As compared to playing your instrument solo, playing as a band requires tight coordination, which increases the difficulty level several times. Luckily, I have lovely bandmates who have been really patient in guiding me!

I almost forgot how good KFC fried chicken (crispy); cheese fries with cheese, mayo and chilli sauce (it has been a tradition to mix all the sauces since JC days); and coleslaw taste. Louis and I finally had the KFC craving together today, and it was really satisfying! Then, going against all plans we had, we spent a lazy night today napping and watching HIMYM.

You know that person is your best friend when he/she knows you are in a jolly good mood or a foul bad mood without you saying a thing.


At the very precise moment as I stepped out of the lift on the 1st floor, it started pouring very heavily. Just 23 seconds ago, the sky was a menacing grey- I thought it would have at least waited for me to reach the bus interchange before the weight of the clouds started to give in and do its thing. How unlucky. On days like this, one advice for you: turn back and stay at home before a series of unfortunate events start to unfold. Of course, I couldn’t heed this advice for I had to “present a presentation” for Voice Production elective, which I’m not planning to SU. So, I crossed my fingers, braved the rain, and prayed that I don’t get knocked down by a car as I jaywalked my usual way to catch the bus. The bus arrived within 5 minutes of waiting- other than the rain, bus waiting durations are used to judge my luck level for the day- maybe today would not be such an unlucky day afterall?

As I arrived at the old Boon Lay interchange, 179 was there- as though waiting for me to board! I was secretly smirking- my luck was certainly turning for the better! En route to the Nanyang Playhouse, I met Gary- and like me, he was running late. (That made me feel better, and weirdly, I felt luckier as well.) Just as I was happily entertaining the thought that I had a ‘late partner’, my slippery soles decided to give me a scare and jolt me back to reality. Fortunately, there was no dramatic slipping and breaking of bones.

At school, Clara and I got ourselves free movie tickets by signing up for the Standard Chartered Manhattan Card. Can’t count that as being lucky, can I?

At Lot One, I managed to secure the LAST bottle of Leggos Bolognaise Sauce, which Louis’s mum couldn’t find it at 2 other NTUC outlets! The feeder bus to his house (which always takes forever to come) arrived unusually promptly.

It took me almost the whole day to convince myself that today’s quite my lucky day afterall!


Perhaps I know, perhaps I don’t. Some just have this warped sense of self-ego that I can’t fathom. To these self-delusional creatures- WAKE UP!!

Perhaps I’m the one who needs to get used to it. But then again, that was what I did and it turned out like really sour preserved plums. (Xuyun, Ang. 17/03/2010)

Perhaps basic fundamentals will never change. Time will tell.

Dad will be back tomorrow! No more fast and furious for me. Onset of withdrawal symptoms. (Shari Ng, 16/03/2010) I hope his memory fails him on 2 things- the parking lot and the petrol level. But the rest will probably tell on me. I really wonder what would his reaction be- ban me for the rest of his car’s useful life perhaps? (I just had to add “perhaps” by force.)