Last night, I dreamt that we still have Arnotts Lemon Crisp at home. It was definitely because before I went to bed, my sister was telling me that our supply of that awesome biscuits has been entirely consumed.

Several nights ago, I dreamt that my parents bought me a new chair. That probably reflects my need for a new chair- there were supposedly 4 screws supporting the seat padding; before today, there were still 2 screws on. Today, 2 more screws dropped off. I almost toppled off my chair several times today.

One of my most memorable dreams has got to be the one in the washroom. And well, you know what happened next.

There was also this particular dream that I dreamt several times. I was in the yard looking down from my house, and I saw a few chinese deities like Goddess of Mercy- the rest, I don’t know their names. I wonder what significance has it got.

A dream diary is good to keep by your bedside. But in my whole lifetime, I doubt it would even be half-filled becauseĀ I’m not someone who dreams everyday- or it’s more like I don’t remember them.

Some dream that they can fly. Others dream of 4 numbers. Do you have any weird or interesting dreams to share?

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