Green Tea Obsession

We just can’t get enough of green tea stuff!

After buying ToriQ lunch takeaways, Clara (yes, you see your name here again) and I just couldn’t resist walking by the Japanese titbits store at JP without getting the green tea chocolate with crisp that we have been eyeing on since Thursday. So, both of us shared a box (contains 12 individual tiny packs), which is still on discount at $4.00 (usual price is $5.50). The green tea taste is quite strong, but the crisps are no longer crunchy- looking at the expiry date (04/2010), we figured out why it was no longer cripsy and why it was $1.50 cheaper. There is really a price to pay for quality. But it was still nice- so nice that we finished all 12 within an hour!

Green Tea Kit Kat is still the unbeatable winner! That was really awesome to the max!! Green tea lovers, please get a pack at the Jap store while stocks last! It was out of stock the last time we went. Costs about $3.50 per pack with 4 sticks.

Next up: Meiji Green Tea Chocolates!

  1. Can try meidi-ya for a more awesome selection! Do u know that in japan, kit kats come in the most awesome flavours like spicy chilli and stuff like that! And it’s almost impossible to find in sg!

    • spicy chilli kit kat?! cant imagine! i tried chilli chocs before though, but i didn’t like it..

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