“Anal Girl” (500 Days of Summer)

It sure feels good to receive compliments about something you have taken pride in doing, doesn’t it? At least you know that the extra time and effort you have put in have not gone un-noticed, unappreciated.

I’m a total perfectionist, and extremely anal about spacings, font sizes, font types, colour combinations, when CAPITAL LETTERS or small letters should be used, and the list goes on. Whenever I see something out of place- however minute it is, I will have an uncontrollable itch to correct it. Sometimes, I wish I were less anal because so much time spent on correcting such inconsequential incongruences could be put into better use. Is there a cure for such analism?

  1. I m a perfectionist in that area too.. But it’s possible to be less anal when you have group members u can trust totally!

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