Happy April Fools’ Day!

Green Tea Kit Kat from my dearest Clara! MUACKS! I LOVE MATCHA. I LOVE CLARA.

Finally tasted Fig and Olive today with Clara and Potato Kong! We had 5 mains arriving at our table for just the 3 of us. Not because we were such great eaters, but because we rejected 2 of the entirely well done steaks- when I had actually ordered a medium rare, and Clara, a medium; we decided not to trust their steaks and reordered 2 dory fillets with pasta (but they ran out of pasta at 20:15, can you believe it?) So, we settled for olive rice. Of course, amidst all the waiting, we put on the brightest smiles on our faces, hoping that our food wouldn’t be spat on (Clara’s greatest phobia). The dory fillets were good! The olive rice tasted like biryani rice- I like! The chicken kebab that Weijia ordered was good too! Another thing- can you believe that they ran out of root beer at 19:30? We settled for Clara’s-improvised-Pepsi float instead. We will return again, with the value for money dinner promotion ($19.90 for a drink+main+ice cream), and lunch promotion (one-for-one) for selected few pastas. I forgot to mention that both of them shared a fork throughout the dinner- seriously? But seriously, I contemplated dropping mine too, so that 3 of us could share a fork.

I want to do something exciting. We will see how tomorrow.

Had a really entertaining night today! (: It feels like exams are over!

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