I was in a real foul mood today- I think the stinkiest mood you have ever seen me in. It’s a combination of the weather, the crazy load of shit I have to juggle (of course, I know I’m not alone), and the uncontrollable hormones. Yet, you tolerated it all. You tried to maintain a conversation with me, but all you got were nods and “mm”. So, you placed an arm around me, and we walked home in hot silence. I probably broke the world record of the number of doorbell rings per minute this afternoon as we waited for someone to get the door. You probably watched on in shock. As I waited in the comforts of my air-conditioned room, you got me iced cold water to quench my thirst and smother that fire in me. My mum watched on and shook her head. It made me smile, and chuckle a little.

Sleep and you are good for the fiery dragon. And so is a night swim.

I received a call today, asking if I would like to start work on 24 May, and I readily agreed. The person on the other line sounded real happy- so happy that it felt like I was the first person who got “conned”. HAHA. But nah, I honestly don’t see it that way. I WANT to start work early. 3 weeks of rest is sufficient for me, any longer and my bones become lazy. I was intending to get a vacation job anyway- now I don’t have to waste time on a job hunt. And of course, at least one more month of pay as compared to my peers!  I need to clear my debts.

    • mr_dy
    • April 1st, 2010

    ure starting on May?! great…u can be my orientation guide when i come in on 1 July..

    • geok*
    • April 1st, 2010

    ehhh! that is on your dear lover’s birthday! anyway damn hard to leave a tag/comment in wordpress dear!

    • too bad for her HEH. ya i know.. i haven’t figured out a way to have a tagboard in wordpress! until i do, bear with it!

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