Give me a grossly tangled-up necklace and a Diesel miniature perfume gift- I will pick and had unthinkingly picked the former. I’m quite nerdy after all. It took me nearly an hour to untangle Lover’s 2-layered 6-chained necklace, but the satisfaction derived from overcoming that mind, fingers and eyes-boggling puzzle was immensely gratifying. You may think I’m patient- like what my mum thought when I assembled my sister’s 1,000 pieces jigsaw puzzle (her birthday present) when I was 11, all by myself. But hell no, I would rather walk if I don’t see the bus waiting for me at the bus stop (with the assumption that the walking distance can be covered within 15 minutes). I just can’t stand questions/ puzzles/ problems hanging in the air- I just have to have them fixed! (Just like how I googled about Nokia E63’s volume adjustment as soon as I got my hands on my lappie because Lover briefly mentioned to me that she doesn’t know why the volume of her music player can’t be adjusted.) Curiosity and determination drives me, not patience.

Mystery solved! The next interesting thing was to check out the Diesel perfume for me! Cool packaging, but not my style. The fragrance is okay- still prefer Gucci Envy Me! Nevertheless, THANKS LOVER! (: I’ll use it when I’m in the biker’s mood.

Then it was back to books.

Oh, Starbucks no longer sells hazelnut choc muffins! šŸ˜¦

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