Forlino at One Fullerton

Freshly warmed salted focaccia. Failed to impress.

Amuse bouche- Smoked salmon. Thinly sliced and buttery. Nice!

Starter- Crab salad with sweetpea sprouts and cantaloupe. Weirdly, it was Louis's most favourite course (minus the veggies). I didn't like the dryness of it.

Main- Wagya beef cheek braised with marsala wine and herb mashed potatoes. Melts in your mouth! We didn't even need a knife for it. Absoultely tasty! Mashed potatoes was nice, but falls short of the one I had at Saraceno Ristoran at Berjaya Hotel during B1's 21st! That mashed pototoes is the best thus far!

Dessert- Molten lava chocolate cake with banana gelato and rum sauce. The course I had been looking forward to! I've an utterly sweet tooth. Absolutely satisfying! Not accompanied by the usual vanilla ice-cream, but banana gelato, which went really well with the warm chocolate cake.

Louis booked the entire Forlino, but the service was sub-standard. Other than one waiter who introduced us to each course he served, the others failed to do so. Smiles were absent. AND THEY DIDN'T REFILL MY ICED WATER. That explained for my glum face. Bad service. We were pleasantly surprised when the bill came (lunch was $25++ instead of $35++ as advertised on Restaurant Week website) though. Value for money. But no, we will not return again.

We realised something today- there is something quite wrong with Louis’s tastebuds. Banana gelato was mistakened for apple/ pear? We need to brush up on your tastebuds, dude! More good food coming along our way! (:

    • Spy
    • March 24th, 2010

    Nice pictures! I’m still a foodie noob 🙂

    • Heh! I can’t agree more! Nvm, let’s go for more foodie trips and turn us into foodie pros (:

  1. Haha.
    Are you serious that he booked the entire restaurant?
    Or was it off-peak?

    • axy
    • March 25th, 2010

    of course its the latter, my dear godsis hahaa.

  2. when i went, the service was great!

    • with the exception of one waiter, the others were below expectations. nevertheless, it was a great great deal! ((:

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