At the very precise moment as I stepped out of the lift on the 1st floor, it started pouring very heavily. Just 23 seconds ago, the sky was a menacing grey- I thought it would have at least waited for me to reach the bus interchange before the weight of the clouds started to give in and do its thing. How unlucky. On days like this, one advice for you: turn back and stay at home before a series of unfortunate events start to unfold. Of course, I couldn’t heed this advice for I had to “present a presentation” for Voice Production elective, which I’m not planning to SU. So, I crossed my fingers, braved the rain, and prayed that I don’t get knocked down by a car as I jaywalked my usual way to catch the bus. The bus arrived within 5 minutes of waiting- other than the rain, bus waiting durations are used to judge my luck level for the day- maybe today would not be such an unlucky day afterall?

As I arrived at the old Boon Lay interchange, 179 was there- as though waiting for me to board! I was secretly smirking- my luck was certainly turning for the better! En route to the Nanyang Playhouse, I met Gary- and like me, he was running late. (That made me feel better, and weirdly, I felt luckier as well.) Just as I was happily entertaining the thought that I had a ‘late partner’, my slippery soles decided to give me a scare and jolt me back to reality. Fortunately, there was no dramatic slipping and breaking of bones.

At school, Clara and I got ourselves free movie tickets by signing up for the Standard Chartered Manhattan Card. Can’t count that as being lucky, can I?

At Lot One, I managed to secure the LAST bottle of Leggos Bolognaise Sauce, which Louis’s mum couldn’t find it at 2 other NTUC outlets! The feeder bus to his house (which always takes forever to come) arrived unusually promptly.

It took me almost the whole day to convince myself that today’s quite my lucky day afterall!

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