Badmouthing or Ranting?

When you feel deeply upset or disgruntled with a certain something/someone, you need to get it all out and may get carried away; or you may see the need to caution your selected few dearest friends about a certain someone. Once words get said, if your recipient finds it a worthy discussion topic with his/her bunch of friends, words get spread and of course, it doesn’t stop right there.  In fact, sometimes, it ends up in the ears of the certain someone; or sometimes, it even ends up back to you by a person whom you hadn’t told- or even worse, it gets distorted along the way. Well, you should have known. Although there was no original intention to badmouth, it becomes badmouthing when news spread like fire. Perhaps there is a need to re-evaluate if this is a good form of venting your  frustration and dissatisfaction.

I believe few of us have the evil intention to wreck anyone’s reputation. But by bitching to not one, not two, not three, not four, not five (and the list goes on for the number of close friends you have)- but n number of people whom you aren’t sure you can count on them not to disperse the news, it is no longer ranting. Really, you should know when to stop “ranting”.

It’s quite a grey area here. What do you think is the upper limit to ranting then?

  1. That is so true!
    Glad you realised the grey area.
    I guess the principle is to “do to others what you want others to do unto you”. 😉

    See you when I see you sis.

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