Four Seasons Durian Treats

1. Durian crepe ($3.50)- generous and creamy filling, crepe is thin and good. I would  have preferred it if more of the original durian taste is preserved- too much artificial cream added. Angie the Choice’s durian crepe filling is better, though the filling is not as generous and crepe skin is not as thin. Shall try Emicake’s soon- has anyone tried it?

2. Durian swiss roll ($4.50)- ongoing 50% discount at YewTee Point. Very generous durian filling right smack in the middle, surrounded by a sponge layer that is not too thin and not too thick. Filling tasted like ice cream. Nice.

3. Durian pancakes ($1.50 each)- ongoing 3-for-3 promotion at YewTee Point. I tried this 2 years ago at AMK hub. Warmly served. I prefer durian desserts cold from the fridge, and more durian relative to the skin. So, crepe over pancakes for me!

4. Durian cake ($4.50)- also on a 50% discount at YewTee Point. It has a small durian puff on the top, which is really good; I normally don’t like eating puffs because they are dry and hard, but this one is soft and nice with real durian filling! Nice!

5. Durian mochi- has anyone tried it?

    • misslpl
    • March 14th, 2010

    First to leave a comment. Do I get a free gift or sth? 🙂

  1. Too bad you were not the first.. so no free gift for you!

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